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    Pick The Best Server With The Potent Web Hosting Platform!

    About PrimeHosts

    We at PrimeHosts take pride in presenting our next generation services, which includes a decentralized cloud service built to revolutionize the cloud space globally. It is built to empower users to customize and deploy cloud services on their own terms at unmatched economics and performance.

    We offer a comprehensive platform for building and running applications. Our users are our priority, and it is our passion to extend high quality cost-effective services / solutions to them.

    Global Application Services Platform

    Truly infinite opportunities are all around you.
    Infinite Datacenter

    Harnessing Opportunities, Unlimited

    It’s the edge that every enterprise seeks. The ability to grow exponentially, while keeping costs down to a minimum. At PrimeHosts, we endeavor to confer precisely this edge on enterprises—regardless of their size.  And enabling us to achieve this objective are our highly flexible, scalable and inexpensive cloud computing services—powered by the revolutionary Infinite Datacenter.

    Thanks to the unparalleled capabilities of the Infinite Datacenter, you now possess the power to building a thriving digital enterprise, without investing in your own IT Infrastructure.

    So, go ahead, dream big, achieve your most ambitious dreams—buoyed by Infinite Datacenter that affords you infinite scalability, flexibility and unbeatable value for money.

    PrimeHosts Cloud Infrastructure Foot Print

    Physical Presence – Indian geography connected in various locations Bangalore(Head Quarter), Ahmedabad, Mumbai, NCR (Faridabad)

    IT transformation Services

    Transformation Though Intelligent Information

    Exceeding mere data storage, retrieval, and delivery, PrimeHosts is fully equipped to take the next leap into the evolution of cloud-computing services: enabling you to mine data so as to glean critical and incisive business insights, by deploying advanced data analytics and visualization tools, which can empower your enterprise to be not just agile, but completely transformed.
    IT Continuity Services

    Grouth, Accelerated & Uninterrupted

    NxtGen brand of continuity services consist of robust tools and rigorous processes that are geared towards averting or mitigating critical system failures in an enterprise, to make enterprises resilient to disruptions and restore services—determined by recovery prioritisation—within acceptable time periods.

    BACKUP2CLOUDTM Helps Your Business Keep Critical Data Safe And Easily Recoverably

    When you’re operating a modern business, consistent service and data security is key. Access to a reliable backup service is an essential part of managing business operations, avoiding data loss, and ensuring business integrity and reputation management. Regardless of your size or industry, it’s important to back up critical data and services on a regular basis, and develop a full business continuity plan in the case of disaster.

    For every business, unwanted events and accidents can and do happen. Whether it’s due to a natural disaster, external security threat, or internal user error, data can and does get lost all the time. Data compromise or loss is a serious issue, thus requiring dedicated measures to mitigate risk and ensure business continuity. Data backup is increasingly available as a service, with ongoing protection mechanisms available across networks and tightly integrated with surrounding business activity.

    Disaster Recovery-as-a-Service (DRaaS) Solutions

    Enterprise Resilience Redefined

    Managing the hosting and replication of virtual and physical servers to combat disasters, and ensuring high availability at the same time, can be a tough ask for any company. Uninterrupted business continuity is no longer a luxury, but a key necessity. With IT at the core of every business, it is essential for companies to focus on IT resilience by planning and being prepared for any kind of planned/ unplanned downtime.
    Data protection as a service (DPaaS)

    High Performance Through Greater Protection

    Without careful management, the ever-growing volume and variety of data can lead to technology sprawl, resulting in greater management complexity and lower productivity. Likewise, the ever-increasing requirements for data backup, archiving, security and compliance continue to intensify the burdens on both IT and costs.
    Managed Security-as-a-service

    Cyber Security: The core and much more!

    We at NxtGen believe that security is the linchpin of our enterprise, and so we are committed to building a truly cyber-resilient data center. We have thus established a state-of-the-art security framework considering dimensions such as Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, Authentication, Non-repudiation, Communication Integrity, Data Integrity Access Control and Privacy, to protect NxtGen and our clients from any and all cyber threats.
    Managed Services

    Enterprise Efficiency Through Excellence

    NxtGen Managed Services are designed to help enterprises ensure high performance and sustainability of their business operations. Our services are responsible for the alignment of service management practices and strategies towards high value delivery to clients. Following are some of our offerings under the Managed Services umbrella.
    Infinite Vault

    Accessing The Next Level Of Security

    NxtGen Infinite Vault acts as a secure vault to store all your critical enterprise documents. Employees can access and share documents from any computing device such as a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, or through a third-party computer, using a secure browser. Flexibility in deployment is one of the key aspects of Infinite Vault. Enterprises can choose to have hosted, on-premise or hybrid models depending on their compliance requirements. Common files can be shared between departments in your organization by allowing only the required users to access the relevant files. Native clients for iOS and Android can access and share files on the move with the help of Infinite Vault.

    Our Packages

    SpeedCloudTM VM Templates-On Linux & Windows

    Type Operating Systems Configuration Customer Price
    SpeedServer-1 Linux 2vCPU/4GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹599.00
    SpeedServer-2 Linux 4vCPu/8GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹999.00
    SpeedServer-3 Linux 8vCPU/16GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹1,799.00
    SpeedServer-4 Linux 12vCPU/24GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹2,699.00
    SpeedServer-5 Linux 16vCPU/32GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹3,599.00
    SpeedServer-6 Linux 24vCPU/48GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹4,799.00
    SpeedServer-7 Linux 32vCPU/64GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹6,299.00
    SpeedServer-10 WindowServer 2vCPU/4GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹1,199.00
    SpeedServer-11 WindowServer 4vCPu/8GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹1,999.00
    SpeedServer-12 WindowServer 8vCPU/16GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹3,699.00
    SpeedServer-13 WindowServer 12vCPU/24GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹5,399.00
    SpeedServer-14 WindowServer 16vCPU/32GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹7,199.00
    SpeedServer-15 WindowServer 24vCPU/48GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹11,199.00
    SpeedServer-16 WindowServer 32vCPU/64GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹14,699.00
    SpeedStorage 2vCPU/4GB Memory/60GB OS SSD ₹199.00
    SpeedInternet 1000GB Datatransfer ₹399.00
    SpeedArchive 1000GB ₹300.00
    SpeedServer-91 vCPU ₹79.00
    SpeedServer-93 Memory 1GB (2900MHz) ₹79.00

    VM Specs and Selection Methodology

    NxtGen Packages VM VM Size Group Class vCPU RAM(GB) Disk(GB) Storage Type Location Monthly Price ( $ ) Monthly Price ( ₹ )
    Small Compute VMs Compute-Small Small Compute 2 4 100 Local Bangalore $37.80 ₹2,520.00
    Small Standard VMs Standard-Small Small Standard 2 8 100 Local Bangalore $57.60 ₹3,840.00
    Medium Compute VMs Compute-Medium Medium Compute 4 8 500 Local Bangalore $102.60 ₹6,840.00
    Medium Standard VMs Standard-Medium Medium Standard 4 16 500 Local Bangalore $142.20 ₹9,480.00
    Large Compute VMs Compute-Large Large Compute 8 16 1000 Local Bangalore $205.20 ₹13,680.00
    Large Compute VMs Standard-Large Large Standard 8 32 1000 Local Bangalore $284.40 ₹18,960.00

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