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    12 Mistakes You Should Avoid In Custom Web Application Development

    Have you ever experienced a situation when you’re trying to install an app on your electronic device, and it fails after showing that 99% of the installation is done? That undoubtedly can be very troublesome and may also hinder your work. But some applications need any installation on your hard drive, are compatible with any other electronic device, are secure to use, etc. These are web applications that are computer applications and use web technology & web browsers to carry out tasks on the internet. Creating such web applications is called web application development with a short-lived development cycle. However, certain mistakes you should avoid in custom web application development may occur during this development despite how much experience and expertise a developer holds.

    Here are the top common mistakes that take place in web application development that you should make sure to avoid:

    1. Ignoring Research Work

    Having a background in anything is a fundamental stage before proceeding further. When it comes to web application development, researching the market’s current needs and expectations helps you decide your next step. It helps you plan and make a blueprint of the web app you are designing or developing. This also enables you to tackle and eliminate your competitors efficiently and effectively. Furthermore, it can create an impressive image of you before the public, attracting them to your web app.

    2. Not Taking Care Of Target Audience

    It would be absurd to neglect your target audience while developing a web application. It can never be a wise choice in any field, provided your business can’t run without an audience. This makes it necessary to consider what your target audience wants and expects from you. That is how they will be choosing and investing in you over others. Besides, this will also help you draw other public towards you, resulting in the growth of your web application.

    3. Communication Hindrance

    It is a fact that communication is the key. Improper communication between a client and the developer may blur the goals and create confusion and misunderstanding in the present or at any time eventually. This would also hamper the outcome of any step taken in web application development and its aftermath. Therefore, formal and appropriate documentation, a listing of the features, outlining the web app, etc., is necessary. This would avoid complications, act as a backup, and give a positive outcome.

    4. Budget Imbalance

    Living beyond one’s means may create financial troubles in one’s life, and going overboard on the set budget for web application development may create imbalances in the functioning of your firm and its other activities besides this development. Therefore “maintaining the account” is necessary. Prepare a detailed budget, allocate appropriate funds for the primary and side activities, and follow this budget’s correct flow and discipline. Make sure not to go overboard and exhaust your finances.

    5. Wrong Economisation

    Budgeting something doesn’t imply going for cheaper web application developers. The budget seeks to keep extra and unnecessary expenditures in check and not act oblivious to the basic needs and requirements. If done otherwise, it would be wrong to economise and underuse the resources. Don’t go for a cheaper quality of work over a professional one. This wouldn’t be capable of influencing your audience and would be a complete waste of even a penny you invest in it. Primewayz understands this and ensures not to disappoint its clients, provide a professional and perfect result, and waste nothing.

    6. Assessment And Estimates

    The desired result should always be perfect and not just the completion of the web application development. This calls for a decent assessment and estimation of the task. Or else, any work done wouldn’t be countable. And the desires of the public may somehow change by the time you complete the development of the web application. Therefore, research and analysis are essential both prior to the web app development and during its whole life cycle.

    7. Technical Requirements And Specification

    Providing proper SRS (Software Requirement Specifications) to the developing agency for your web app development is like giving the ingredients and quantities required to bake a cake. Unless you provide your developing partner with a thoroughly detailed idea and the result you want once the web app is developed, it wouldn’t be able to assist you and provide you with what you want. No matter how much expertise and experience the developing firm holds, it wouldn’t matter in this case.

    8. UI/UX

    UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) determine if the web app you’ve designed and developed is user-friendly and alluring or not. From the buttons created to the swipes the web app takes, the developer needs to ensure that its users like it- visually and in use. Unless that is made certain, no one would like to associate themselves and invest their time and energy in it; leave aside the hampering of your goodwill among the masses.

    9. Extra Functionality

    Creating a web app full of unique functions is a good idea that can be applied. But one must ensure that things must not get complicated behind the implementation of this idea. Do not waste time adding those extra functions that are sure to not be of any use or are to be seldomly used. Adding these extra functionalities will also make the file bulky and difficult to use, time-taking in loading, etc.

    10. Required Features

    If the web application doesn’t fulfil its purpose, all the efforts put into it will go in vain. Adding unnecessary functionalities might be useless, but it will be the deduction of the important features. Without those features, no person would use the web app as it would hamper their needs. Keep what’s necessary and eliminate what’s a burden for the web app. This would increase productivity, prove useful and efficient to the user, and be profitable to your firm.

    11. MVP

    MVP (Minimal Viable Product) is like a test that you conduct with a web application developed that has all the basic features and functionalities and needs a green signal from the investors and users. It is more of a technically-based test run on the web app that would define its future. Following this stage, any additional changes, if required, can be made according to the demands of those responsible for the web application.

    12. Pilot Tests

    Like MVP, pilot tests, too, are the tests performed on the web application that has been developed but are less technical. Where an MVP tests, observes, analyses, and divulges insights for the developer, a pilot test is for the users that is the first real product version. This allows the users to use your solutions and provide the developer information that can further help you improve your MVP.

    Wrapping Up!

    Whether you want to avoid bulking applications on your device storage or make using apps easy, web applications are pretty much suitable for almost all situations. Thus, it proves the worth of web application development and how important it is to avoid the mistakes that may occur during this process. Primewayz being an IT firm is a maestro in this. It focuses on developing a perfect structure and providing a flawless web application besides its other services like digital marketing, quality assurance, UI/UX, etc. Therefore, making Primewayz an ace of all odds!


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