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    Case Studies

    SalesOrder: Empowering Wholesalers With Efficient Inventory Management

    Wholesalers that are a part of the ever-changing e-commerce scene are aware of the difficulties associated with inventory management.

    A fine dance between overstocking and understocking items can result from trying to balance the costs of keeping stock with the erratic ups and downs of seasonal demand, which can be concerning for corporate operations.

    This case study reveals how Primewayz intervened to provide a solid solution with its SalesOrder Enterprise Software since it had a thorough awareness of the difficulties faced by wholesalers. With Primewayz’s software, wholesalers, dealers, retailers, and intermediaries may easily manage their inventory and orders while addressing the fundamental problems associated with obsolescence of inventory. Improved productivity, accurate inventory tracking, improved customer service, and real-time stock level visibility are all felt effects of the change, and they are all critical to e-commerce wholesalers’ order management optimization.

    Beyond the essentials, Primewayz’s customized solution provides integration capabilities, strict data security protocols, compliance adherence, and the ease of remote access for various corporate activities. This case study also explores the part that Primewayz’s committed development team – which possesses knowledge of technologies like JSP, Java, MySQL, and AWS – played in turning the idea of SalesOrder into a workable, effective solution for e-commerce wholesalers.


    Problem Statement:

    Large-scale product wholesalers encounter a number of challenges when it comes to inventory management, particularly in e-commerce enterprises. They are frequently alarmed by holding costs and seasonal swings, which result in both an overstocking and an understocking of products or services. Efficient inventory management and order fulfillment software were critical to preventing damaged items, ensuring real-time visibility of goods, and facilitating smooth multi-channel business operations in order to combat inventory obsolescence.

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    Primewayz Solution:

    An e-commerce order and inventory management system developed by Primewayz helps a variety of wholesaler dealers, merchants, retailers, and middlemen manage orders and inventories seamlessly. The platform supports real-time stock visibility, optimal order management for wholesalers in e-commerce enterprises, increased efficiency, precise inventory tracking, and improved customer service. In addition, our custom solution includes data security, compliance & accuracy, integration capabilities, and full remote access to a range of business operating tasks.

    Primewayz Hire Development Team Solution:

    In order to create an effective inventory management software for e-commerce companies and provide diverse wholesalers with flawless digital solutions, we donated our top-notch on-bench resources. We offered the following resources: Database: MySQL, Frontend: JSP, Backend: Java, DevOps: AWS

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